Job Seeker Starter Pack - Education/Academics

Get 2 non-clinical resumes (one is a CV), 2 sample cover letters, teaching philosophy statement, and an interview prep you can land your dream job!!

The Education/Academics Non-Clinical Job Seeker Starter Pack was created by The Non-Clinical PT to give you the essentials you need to find––and land––a job in the academic space.

Whether you're going for an instructor job, an adjunct professor job, a program director role, or any other type of setup in the PT/OT/SLP educational world, this packet is perfect for kick-starting your application process.

The starter pack contains:

  • One ATS-compliant sample non-clinical resume (.docx format).
  • One ATS-compliant sample non-clinical curriculum vitae (CV) (.docx format).
  • Two sample cover letters for roles in education (.docx format)
  • An interview prep pack with questions you'll likely be asked in an interview (as well as additional questions you can ask to learn more about any role).
  • A sample statement of teaching philosophy, which is required for many academic roles.
  • A bonus sheet with the most common non-clinical job titles, which you can enter in Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more when you're searching for non-clinical jobs!

Get started now!