Job Seeker Starter Pack - Account Manager/Client Services

Get 2 sample account manager/client services resumes, 2 cover letters, and interview prep you can land your dream job!!

The Account Manager Job Seeker Starter Pack was created by The Non-Clinical PT to give you the essentials you need to find––and land––an account manager job.

Whether you're a PT, OT, or SLP professional, this set of essential job-seeking materials will make applying to account manager jobs a breeze!

The starter pack contains:

  • 2 ATS-compliant sample account manager/client services resumes (.docx format).
  • 2 sample account manager/client services cover letters (.docx format)
  • An interview prep pack with questions you'll likely be asked in an interview (as well as additional questions you can ask to learn more about the role).
  • A bonus sheet with the most common job titles for account manager roles, which you can enter in Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more when you're searching for account manager jobs!

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